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Prefabricated Wall Panels

Most Contractors like to use Prefabricated Roof Trusses because they save time and money. But they don’t even consider using Prefabricated Wall Panels, why is that?

Roof Trusses have been Prefabricated for years, Walls? Not so much. Why? Old habits (Stick Building onsite) die hard.

Traditional carpentry relies on the carpenters to build and assemble all the pieces on the job site while the structure is being built. Though this method has worked for hundreds of years, there are some major drawbacks that can hold up a job such as: Bad weather, job site conflicts, construction mishaps and maintaining a qualified labor force can all lead to work delays.

Carpenters also need raw lumber on the job site when constructing a structure, which makes the job site more susceptible to theft, not to mention framing on the site produces large amounts of waste which increases job costs to include: security, cleanup and disposal.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Value engineering explained is a simple process of taking a conventional way of doing something and exploring more economical options while maintaining the original design intent.

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Commercial Construction

Whether you require a single modular classroom, a multi-level townhome or a commercial high-rise building, Alpine MFG has the solution!

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Design - Build

Design – Build

Our own in-house team of professionals can take your project from your concept, all the way through the design and engineering phase many times saving you tens of thousands of dollars on architect fees.

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Pre Fabricated Wall Panels