American General Construction

Being in the Commercial Construction business since 1983, AGC has held its High Morals as a Top Priority in our relationships with our Customers, Subcontractors, and Vendors.

Loyalty, Respect, Honor, Honesty, Integrity, Discipline, and Commitment are values we strongly believe in and live by throughout the company.

AGC specializes in Commercial Construction in the Government, Military, and Public Sectors, offering building options that many other Contractors do not, such as Fabric and Steel Buildings.

As an Authorized Builder/Dealer for these commercial structures we are able to offer our customers a multitude of building options.

We offer products from Protective Technologies Group that specializes in Vulnerability and Threat Assessment (VATA) Services, as well as Physical Security Standards compliance, including Unified Facilities, Department of State, Department of Defense, General Services Administration and all other Federal and Military requirements.

We also offer Blast Resistant Modules, Active Shooter Wall Protection, Kevlar Liners, Hazard Resistant Modules, and Tactical Shoot Houses for the government / military secotors.

Commercial Construction