Save Time and Money with Commercial Prefab Timber Wall Panels

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PreFabricated Wall Panels Save Time and Money!

When your new car is built, do they just drop the parts off in front of a home and have workers arrive and assemble? No. Why? Because it is horribly inefficient compared to an assembly line. Then why are walls still built in this manner on the construction site? There is a better way and it is called prefabricated wall panels!

10 Benefits of Prefabricated Timber Wall Panels

  • Fewer Managers and Personnel Needed on Job Location, Less Congestion

  • You Can Have Doors and Windows Pre-installed into the Prefab Timber Wall Panels. Also, We Do Wall Sheathing as Well…Rare!

  • Manufacturing in a Controlled Environment More Productive Than Building Panels Onsite

  • Our Remote Workers Are Non-Union Potentially Saving You Big Money

  • Save Time and Money Through Prefab Manufacturing Efficiencies

  • Less Manpower required with Pre-Fab vs. Traditional Stick Framing in a Tight Labor Market

  • Eliminate Labor Shortage Problems for a Region. Use Our Highly Skilled, Disciplined and Reliable Work Force

  • Helps Alleviate Space Limitations on a Job Site

  • Speed Up Your Construction Schedule at Will to Meet Deadlines

  • Potentially Lower Insurance Cost For Workman’s Comp and Theft

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Prefabricated Timber Wall Panels

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