Protective TechnologiesHazard Mitigation Experts

Integrating protective design and engineering services for the government and military sectors in the conceptual design phase, starting at the perimeter and incorporating the building envelope and grounds provides:

  • All-Hazards and Multi-Hazards Engineering • Protective Design for Natural and Man-made Threats • Hazard and Threat Program Management, including analysis, review and design • Computational modeling of solutions • Simulator testing of products and systems • Live-blast testing of products and systems

Experts in customer blast hazard mitigation for existing and new buildings from concept to final design and construction:

  • Engineering and design for new or retrofit construction • Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) and explosive threats • Fire, Seismic and other All Hazards Threats • Critical infrastructure engineering and protective design • Structural, blast and progressive collapse assessment • Physical Security standards compliance • Systems integration, including live field testing • Best management practices that incorporate and integrate DoD, DHS, GSA and VA critical security improvements to increase the security posture of federal, state and local buildings • Working in conjunction with appropriate building officials Fire Marshals and code compliance personnel to determine optimum elements to include with guidance

Together with Alpine MFG, our team specializes in Ballistic Blast resistant Panels, Anti-terrorism and force protection (AT/FP) applications, industrial accident safeguards, and seismic retrofits. For many organizations, concerns which have typically remained isolated have moved to budget line items, reflecting a new reality in the world of protective design. The efficient delivery of perimeter security and structural hardening for data centers, energy production, chemical processing, and other commercial applications requires an integrated approach.

Our Team will review all aspects of your property or project in developing an assessment to include:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Exterior/Interior Walls and Staircases
  • Façade Fenestration and/or Loading Docks
  • Simple 1D and advanced 2D/3D computer generated blast


The review and data analysis produce key finds specific to your site based on the parameters you provide during consultation, including damage estimates.

Our recommendations are intended to fit within the budgetary requirements that you provide, but we will also include all recommendations to full harden your site for all events you require.

Vulnerability and Threat Assessment

Together, PTG and Alpine MFG offer Vulnerability and Threat Assessment (VATA) Services, as well as Physical Security Standards compliance, including Unified Facilities, Department of State, Department of Defense/ Military and Government, General Services Administration and all other Federal and Military requirements.

With solutions ranging from Ballistic & Blast Resistant Panels, Active Shooter Wall Protection, Kevlar Liners, Hazard Resistant Panels, and Tactical Shoot Houses. Protective Technologies Group and Alpine Manufacturing together offer a unique solution that can range from new construction to retrofitting existing buildings.

From Military war zones to hurricane zones to educational facilities, whatever the hazard, whatever protection needed from Ballistic, Blast, and Hazard scenarios or just training facilities for our Military… Alpine Manufacturing can provide!

With these unique protective technologies we can ship all over the world being American made. By being manufactured in San Diego, California, Alpine Mfg. holds true to the Buy American Act.