Protective Technologies Designs

Alpine Mfg teams up with Protective Technologies as they specialize in anti-terrorism and force protection (AT/FP) applications, industrial accident safeguards, and seismic retrofits. For many organizations, concerns which have typically remained isolated have moved to budget line items, reflecting a new reality in the world of protective design.

PT’s personnel have decades of experience in AT-FP requirements and are well versed in relevant design manuals and standards, allowing for a seamless integration of AT-FP strategies into standard design and construction practices. Additionally, PT is experienced in advanced analysis methodologies for scenarios where conventional minimum threats for design are exceeded.

Alpine Mfg’s team provides a comprehensive approach to protective design and engineering, starting at the perimeter and incorporating the building envelope to include the design of major structural elements and other components, such as windows and doors.  With this comprehensive approach, the design and engineering plan addresses all aspects of threat assessment, design and construction.

Protective Technologies