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The Truth of The Matter Concerning the Surge of Lumber

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Lumber, The Truth of The Matter

LumberThe Truth of The Matter Concerning the Surge of Lumber is that; Yes, it’s true that prices of wood have gone up. We all thought it was because of the “Trump Tariffs”, but they were actually because of the dispute between Canada and the US. The Tariffs just add to the increase in timber prices.

You see, there is a combination of things that have caused the timber prices to increase and one of the main causes is the restricted supply and growing demand because the main restrictions come out of Canada and they have had some major pine beetle issues. Whereas the demand in the Us continues to grow.
Another issue is that the lumber markets have been hit with a series of supply shocks in which has also caused the increase in prices. The fires that Canada, Washington, Montana, and Oregon have been seeing has limited loggers out of the forests. Then when they were allowed back in, winter came in with an abnormally cold front that wreaked havoc on the railway, limiting their cars as well as the speed of the transportation. So, of course, led to delays, and then back orders.

As you can imagine the domino effect it had moving forward: as the weather eased, the priority was given to the necessary, high-value goods such as the grains and potash that is in Lumberhigh demand, which worsened the delays for the timber.
We see one more piece of the puzzle that the trade restrictions are not the primary issue of the increasing wood prices. OSB and plywood are also a part of the same supply and demand as lumber and presently, there are no current trade restrictions between the U.S. and Canada on plywood or OSB. Yet as we have seen in the past few years; the prices for OSB and Plywood have both risen by 50%. By contrast, the Random Lengths Framing timber prices have also risen by the same percentage.

So, as we can see, the restrictions were the initial cause back when they were imposed in 2017 but they were not and are not the primary cause in the increase in lumber prices.

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Offsite Construction is on the Rise: Why?

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When thinking about building, you don’t really think of it being offsite construction. People generally think about components being brought onsite and built in place. However, more and more construction is moving to offsite locations, a trend that only appears to be accelerating. Here are a few reasons for this move and why it’s expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Lower Costs

Constructing building offsite allows workers to gather in one place, cutting back on transportation costs. Furthermore, it’s easier to keep all of the tools and construction items in theSan Diego Pre Fab Walls same spot, simplifying the building process. Transportation costs are similar, and offsite construction can even lead to fewer trips to transfer components. Furthermore, worker productivity is often improved as well, since workers quickly learn how to complete tasks in an optimal manner.

Faster Construction

Once all the components of a building or other structure are created, assembling them onsite is a fairly quick process. In addition, companies can create a buffer of components, enabling them to pre-build items for orders not yet placed. It will still take some time to assemble components, but the process tends to be significantly faster than onsite construction. For those in need of buildings quickly, pre-built components are the way to go.

Why Now?

Offsite construction isn’t new, but its popularity has increased dramatically in recent years. Part of this is due to improved construction and assembly techniques; new technologyPre Fabricated Walls makes the process even more cost-effective and reliable. Furthermore, building offsite has proven to be a viable method of building, and this success has encouraged others to make the leap.

Traditional construction techniques still fulfill a wide range of needs. However, more and more buildings can be constructed offsite and transported to their destination, and people might be surprised to find out just how versatile offsite construction can be. Companies looking to add space to their property should ensure they take the time to explore offsite options before investing.