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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

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What is Augmented Reality and how is it impacting the construction industry?Augmented Reality

As 2018 wraps up, what do we have to look forward to in the construction industry for 2019?
As of late, the rate of innovation keeps our heads spinning and lots of times leave older construction companies fearing the future because of lack of control.

But as the new age of technology pushes into 2019 to modernize the construction industry, it also provides the avenues to stay in control.

Construction companies have been seeing major changes due to the new digital technology world. This new technology has helped companies streamline their practices, reinvent management structuring, and has even come up with an augmented reality to construct and design their buildings.

As technology evolves, we see a variety of new tools and gadgets that are impacting the industry tremendously, such as drones; will they rise in 2019? We believe so, along with augmented reality.Augmented Reality

You’ve heard of virtual reality in construction but augmented reality is now making an impact in the construction industry.

Augmented reality is a derivative view of the physical environment, with its components enhanced by computer-generated images. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augmented_reality

As we know, virtual reality is an interactive computer-generated experience that takes the place of the environment.


Virtual Replaces

Although both concepts are correlated, there is a definite difference between the two.

In the construction industry, augmented reality in 2019 is in the frontline to impact every aspect of the industry from design to build.

Here are a few of the benefits that augmented reality has on the industry.



  • Augmented reality has integrated with mobile apps thus making it readily available on your phone or tablet.Augmented Reality

3D Models

  • The benefits of a three dimensional model of a design-build proposal gives developers, and architects endless possibilities to convert their vision into reality. This could skyrocket the selling force within the commercial construction sectors because as this progresses, whoever has augmented reality in their design-build process will have the advantage over competitors.

More Accuracy

  • As augmented reality progresses in 2019; we will see more accuracy on projects that utilize it for the main fact that you will now have access to all the scopes of the project readily at hand to ensure the accuracy as well as efficiency.

More Efficiency

  • Using augmented reality imaging allows you to have ‘hands-on’ all phases of your project, hence making it much easier to minimize errors or adjust where needed. You will now be able to virtually walk through your project and fine-tuning as you see fit.
  • Considering the benefits of this new development in the construction industry, any construction company would be daft if they have not adopted augmented reality into their design/ build phase.
  • Companies can now take advantage of all the sects of prefabricated panels, parts, and components and have them already built and assembled and ready to go ahead of time.
  • Using AR removes all the guesswork from your project by creating an accurate recreation of your project.

What are you waiting for?

  • In the construction business, it’s all about ‘Time’. So start saving time and money by integrating AR images into your designs and better plan future projects.