Timber Wall Panels

Alpine Mfg uses only the best Timber for your project. We only use high-grade milled timber that has been stored to prevent cracking, twisting or shrinkage.

Our timber wall panels are designed and manufactured by skilled carpenters to the exact specifications of your building project, to include pre-cut outs for doors and windows.

Timber wall panels are developed to create a thermal closure so that it fastens to timber structures.


Design and Manufacturing

All our timber panels are design-built and produced for each wall panel. This ensures efficiency in the onsite installation. The panels are designed and manufactured specifically for your project, which means that they are each pre-cut to join with the timber frame having the beam notches, point loads and doors and windows. The spec of sidings will also be designed prior to the manufacturing process in order to be detailed to provide a variety of siding applications.

Our open wall panel cavities provide for ease of installation of electrical, mechanical and plumbing needs and then after assembly, they can be easily insulated, sealed and finished to suit the energy and insulation requirements.

Timber Wall Panels make installation more efficient onsite, the panels are also more flexible than conventional methods for the installation of other building components. Our wall panels are designed and manufactured specifically to interface with your timber or steel stud frames, thereby providing for a sturdier foundation in unstable regions.

Our Design and Value Engineering Teams will assist you, step by step, through the design phase. Our years of experience can uncover many alternative methods that can save your project substantial time and money.