Value Engineering

Value engineering explained is a simple process of taking a conventional way of doing something and exploring more economical options while maintaining the original design intent. It’s just another way to save you money, whether its through decreasing operating costs by using pre-fabricated walls, comparable design options, or changes in scope of work.

The value engineering process is best used during the start of the design phase of the project.

It is a process that we use to exercise our expertise and that alone elevates your project instead of cheapening it. It’s actually all about prioritizing because every project is based on a budget and you want to get the most for your money.

Our years of experience are a great tool for knowing alternate methods of reaching the same goal, all the while saving time and money in the process.

Value Engineering

The Creative Process

When properly initiated, value engineering is an extreme advantage for the client. The client will receive the same end result at a lesser cost and a faster schedule.

Our Design team incorporates value engineering into their creative process. This creative process is an organized effort that analyzes everything you need in your project and then determines how to get you the best bang for your budget. Our Team sees it as a challenge that they embrace, not a limitation.

Alpine MFG excels in value engineering for our clients, in fact, we prefer it in many instances, it allows us to present to our client’s options to consider for cost and time savings on their projects while maintaining the client’s concepts and designs.

Value Engineering is not only beneficial, but indispensable:

It is a win win for everyone…. we highly recommend it!