Why Prefabricated Walls?

What are Prefabricated wall panels?

  • They are framed wall sections built in manageable panel sizes for ease of handling and installation. Contractors provide the building dimensions of the job that they want done to the warehouse where the blueprints are fed into a computer and then designs the wall panels for the job’s specific needs.

Why use prefabricated wall panels?

  • Manufacturers can cut, nail and screw the panels together in a quality-controlled environment. This creates a more durable wall structure, plus saves time on the job site.
  • Just like roof trusses, the wall panels are dimensionally more accurate since they are made in a high quality-controlled environment.
  • Faster build time because the prefabricated wall panels are Labeled and shipped directly to your job site for quick assembly.
  • Cost Efficient: no more added expenses such as: security, and mass disposal of debris.

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